Whining wine wallet


Tenner wine clubs, 25 under $25, thrifty-frugal-gulpers. We want the best bang for our buck, and the pursuit of budget grapes (that are palate-worthy) has become quite the scavenger hunt. And I am gladly on board. What a great way to explore what regions near and far have to offer without breaking the bank. And an enthusiastic team mate is key. A close friend of mine has increasingly upped the ante with tropical Chileans and wool sweater reds.

I encourage everyone to get back into the spirit of yesteryear; next time you head to someone’s house, whatever the occasion, bring a bottle for their exercise in palate scrutiny. Swap notes and challenge each another to scout out new vineyards, unusual locations, dodgy labels. The thrill of uncovering a new stand-by ahead of the BC Liquor Stores and droves of other hunters! Grab multiples of whatever you like, to share and fill your closet stock. You never know when the crowd will catch on.

Pour a glass of…


Torrontes: Michel Torino Cuma Organic 2008 (Argentina, $13.99)

Sovereign Opal: Calona Artist Series Reserve 06/07 (BC, $13.99)

Gewurtzraminer: Hawthorne Mountain-See Ya Later Ranch 06/07 (BC, $14.99)


Salento Primitivo: Parallelo 05/06 (Italy, $9.99)

Cabernet Sauvignon: Don David Reserve Michel Torino 04/05 (Argentina, $15.99)

Cannonau di Sardegna: Santa Maria La Bombarde 06/07 (Italy, $17)

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