Spring spruce your walls

I like your scarf

With art that is. This must be the easiest way to change the feeling of a room. When my sister can’t stand her living room anymore, she grabs a canvas (it may or may not already be covered in paint) and goes to town for the afternoon. Voila, instant change. It definitely beats rearranging furniture all day only to find out the original placement was in fact the only workable option for your sofa or sideboard. If you aren’t into dragging out the acrylics and oils, why not peruse the net and local boutiques for some up-and-comer inspiration? I am looking at adding a photograph by Emily Carr grad Alison Wright to our permanent collection. Personally knowing some of her subjects only heightens the appeal of her sleek fashion portfolio.

Last summer before hiking the Baden-Powell trail in Deep Cove, we couldn’t help but pick up a print by Ashley Goldberg (of Portland’s Ashley G and Drew) from the adorable Room 6. A simple Ikea frame later and we have something we grow more and more attached to as it works its charm in our abode.

A handcrafted poster print can be quite fetching too. Flatstock 18 at last year’s Bumbershoot festival had far too many pretty posters to admire. Leaving our decision to the last possible minute meant walking away with a steal from a vendor eager to clear out his inventory before hitting the airport. And I still lament that I didn’t purchase a Fleet Foxes poster (created by the sweetheart of a band member) last time they were in town. I know exactly which wall it would have called home.

And if you know someone super talented, maybe you can beg, plead and twist their arm to accept a commission (although I am still trying to convince Mr. Dandizette to pick up a paintbrush).

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