Foodie alert: Whole Foods unveiling

ProduceI have been watching the store windows like a hawk, many times thinking I see activity and wandering down the street only to realize it was a mirage, the construction on the interior still in major disarray. And then finally, a banner appeared! With all my produce and dairy shopping still delegated to my old West Broadway neighbourhood haunts, I have been eagerly anticipating Cambie Street’s new Whole Foods for “the other stuff”. Capers up the way is fine and dandy for a weekend stroll, but so much of that store location is made up of bakery (word on the street is that they are closing once WF opens). The produce section is teeny and the aisles definitely lack in product. Bakery, more bakery and lots of wasted space. Bring on the big boy Whole Foods to fill the gaps in my shopping list. From Dr. Hauschka to organic chicken, this will be my back-up stop. If you aren’t stuck behind a desk, check out the afternoon opening day celebrations on Wednesday, April 29th. Lesley Stowe is going to be in attendance. I would ask her if she could offer me the Rosemary Raisin Pecan Raincoast Crisps at wholesale price. Instead I think I may whip up her recipe for Portobello Crostini sometime soon.

Whole Foods, 510 West 8th Avenue (@ Cambie): opens April 29, 2009

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One Response to Foodie alert: Whole Foods unveiling

  1. jennifer says:

    oh yey! dr hauschka, organic chicken, kosmea and more!!
    I wanna go! I wanna go!

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