To market, to market, to buy a…

Market flowersThank goodness, the kick off to market season is just around the corner. With nothing planted on my deck just yet, I have been obsessively waiting for weekend markets of local produce to comfort me. And I know there isn’t a whole lot of choice this early in the season, but I will take what I can get at the Trout Lake Farmers Market, opening for the season on the May long weekend (Saturday, May 16th from 9am-2pm to be exact). Trout Lake can help me ease into full blown summer with the rest of the markets opening in June (the Kits location and the UBC Farm included). And June is when things really get gussied up. My list of vendors to checkout this year will include:

♦Nina Pousette’s chocolate truffles – My Chocolate Tree

♦Charlene Tessier’s Macaron Parisien – Say See Bon Patisserie. I am curious about the peppermint macarons!

♦A round of Blue Capri (Roquefort-style goat cheese) – Goat’s Pride Dairy

♦The vendor whose name I cannot recall who supplied weeks of unusual heirloom tomatoes near the end of last summer. Candy, folks!

♦And fingers crossed the lovely Crêperie La Bohème van is still doing the market circuit this year. There are few lines I don’t mind waiting in, and their La Chevre buckwheat crêpe (sundried Moroccan olives, caramelized onions, chevre) makes the cut hands down. I may need to recreate this at home in the meantime.

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One Response to To market, to market, to buy a…

  1. jennifer says:

    yumyum the crepe trailer!!! the one with fresh berries, honey and ricotta is also incredible! definitely worth waiting in line for!

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