Pic A Flic: Sin Nombre

Sin NombreMy suggestion for weekend film theatre-goers is Cary Joji Fukunaga’s feature debut, Sin Nombre. This visually stunning thriller is a tale of gritty gang life and the search for freedom at all costs. Train-top along Mexico’s countryside, we watch the futures of two teenagers collide. Edgar M. Flores plays the fugitive Mara gang member El Casper whose grim fate intensifies upon meeting Sayra, a Honduran girl (Paulina Gaytan) heading to America with her estranged father. The faith that Sayra places in her dark stranger is unnerving, and the gut-wrenching desperation you witness lingers long after leaving the theatre. I am being purposely vague, you just have to see it. (Sin Nombre is playing at Festival 5th Avenue in Vancouver).

Next up on my list to see: Drama-comedy Rudo Y Cursi (opens in Canada on Friday, May 22) with Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna joining forces again as brothers who work at the local plantation and play soccer for the village team, headstrong and heart set on bigger and brighter dreams…regardless of the rivalry that ensues. Welcome back charolastras!

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