Double duty dough

Pizza dough recipeIn honour of all the lads who flex their creative flair in the kitchen, I thought I would share a tried and true pizza dough recipe my dad thoroughly enjoyed. This particular recipe card belonged to him; he was a fan. I remember him showing up at the airport one Christmas with a loaf version – old cheddar, rosemary and crushed garlic jazzing up the fragrant bread. My sister, dad and I started concocting adventurous pizzas on weekends using a wine bottle instead of a rolling pin. Someone eventually bought him one, although he claimed the wine bottle added to the authenticity. He cut the vegetables so thick – partly on account of his low vision, partly because he liked a toothsome ratio of vegetables – we always worried whether the dough would cook underneath. Nothing beats this light crust, with a layer of doctored passato and a frenzy of toppings. And if there is leftover dough, it makes a tasty pseudo focaccia too. Just drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle on lots of sea salt. If I do this it goes missing while it is still too hot to handle, thanks to the kitchen gnomes.

Add: 1 Tbsp yeast/1 tsp sugar to 1 cup warm water. 10 minute rise.
Add: 1 egg, 1 tsp salt and 3 Tbsp olive oil. Gently beat with whisk.
Add: 3 cups flour. Work in flour by hand and gently knead (I sometimes add dried rosemary at this stage). Let rise until double. Punch down and roll out onto round or rectangle cookie sheet. Let dough puff up a bit before adding sauce and toppings.

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4 Responses to Double duty dough

  1. jennifer says:

    this pizza dough recipe really is a gem! it’s no fail, even for those who fear all things involving yeast and kneading! thanks for sharing this with the masses miss dandi! there’s sure to be many happy bellies!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Oh I’m going to try this for sure. I’ve been trying to find a good pizza dough for some time now. I love the wine bottle instead of a rolling pin, I might have to try that myself. There is nothing quite like a family pizza night…making the dough together and deciding on the toppings, waiting for it to finish in the oven….a great way to spend the evening. I can’t wait to try this with my boys. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Rebecca says:


    I just rediscovered this post on your blog. I will be making it this evening. I love the story of your Dad, your sister and you making the pizza together. <3 The original recipe card written by your Dad is such a treasure; as are the memories. Thank you so much for sharing the story to go with the fantastic dough recipe. :)

  4. thedandizette says:

    So sweet of you to say and I am glad that the dough-making extends to your lovely family! <3

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