Spotlight: Doña Cata

Seco chile posterWith a Mex-travaganza trip on the horizon for the autumn of 2010, what is a girl to do in the meantime to satiate her salsa appetite? Visit Doña Cata with Spanish speaking friends for 8 kinds of mouth-steaming salsa, paired with some of the best tacos I have encountered in my gringa past. My favourite picks are the Mexicana and the avocado salsas, both spicy in their own right and packed full of pizazz. I spooned so much onto my tortillas it proved to be a precarious exercise in eating elegantly. And by far the most tastiest pork I have ever chosen to indulge in is their Al Pastor, with chiles and pineapple, and their Longanzia. With a heaping of jalapeño and onion soaked in lime this was an explosion of flavour. And the best way to cool off your taste buds is without a doubt their horchata, a sweetened rice and cinnamon drink. Multiple visits here should do until I can take in the real deal south of the border!

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3 Responses to Spotlight: Doña Cata

  1. jennifer says:

    que riquisima!!! Doña Cata tiene los tacos increible!!!!

    anyone who hasn’t gone already – go!!! vaya ahorita!!!

  2. janet says:

    Next time I am in Vancouver, we will definitely have to go to this restaurant! Yum!!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Sounds delicious!

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