Frisky Framboise

berriesIn the back of our fridge sits a couple jars of brandied Okanagan cherries and a jar of vodka-fied wild cranberries, their syrups rich and loaded with flavour. And although we are rationing them, nothing quite compares to the slender bottle of Framboise dessert wine from Elephant Island that we are saving for some very special concoctions. Imagine crushed, crimson berries and a warming 16% alc/vol. Sip it or pour it over homemade vanilla bean gelato, this is rich raspberry velvet for the tongue. Elephant Island is apparently launching an email recipe club created by Chatelaine’s former food editor. In the meantime they list some of their all time favourite recipes on their website, using their bevy of fruit wines as the focal points. My eye was immediately drawn to their Frisky Lemonade recipe using Framboise:

Serves: 2
1/4 oz Elephant Island Framboise
2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Extra Dry Vermouth
Lemon/Lime Soda

Pour ingredients into ice-filled highball glass (to 3/4 full) and stir. Top with lemon/lime soda to taste. Garnish with a lime wedge (to be squeezed and dropped into glass).

Click here to find out where to pick up a bottle for your summer drink experiments.

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One Response to Frisky Framboise

  1. Crystal H says:

    Excellent drink recipe! You’ve inspired me to use up our Elephant Island Cassis with those “vodka-fied” tart berries!

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