Summer sizzler

Heirloom tomatoesDoes cooking outdoors ever become old hat? Not around here, hence why we even BBQ in the rain. This time of year you don’t even need to crack a cookbook, just throw what is fresh and seasonal on the ol’ grill and presto you have a frenzy of flavour to tweak with salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil. I recall a summer that involved many batches of a friend’s Malsa, equal parts roasted salsa and fiery addictiveness. I came across this Fourth of July Roasted Tomato Salsa recipe that reminded me of lying on a dock with a big container of Mark’s Malsa for tastebud entertainment. I envision this recipe alongside the turkey burgers I made last week (including chipotle sour cream) and Jamie Oliver’s Mexican Barbequed Corn on the Cob, tested by a fellow chef in crime to glowing reviews. I found these sweet-as-candy heirloom tomatoes and golden cherry tomatoes (Celyddon Farms) outside the train station of all places, a new location for the mid-week Farmers market. I rode along False Creek on my red beauty with tomatoes, fresh snow peas and purple radishes bouncing in my knapsack, the crystal clear sky beckoning me to keep on pedaling.

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