Raspberry rumors

Backyard brewIt was all just a bad dream. Rest assured, it was hearsay that Granville Island Brewery would not be making a limited edition batch of their Raspberry Wheat Ale this summer. Just released yesterday, this quaffable batch brings extra raspberry punch with a vibrant ruby colour. Lighter than last year (I feel like it was filtered more this time around), it was so refreshing to guzzle while grilling our kabobs. My only complaint was that Mr. Dandizette only cycled home with one, although there was also a bottle of GIB’s superb Belgian Wit (mix equal parts with the Raspberry Wheat Ale for a “Berry White”) bouncing in his pack. I recently sampled a cask conditioned pint of the Wit at the Alibi Room, and the difference was quite astounding. I tasted grapefruit, coriander and some orange peel. Lip smacking good. I don’t think the Raspberry has hit the LDB yet, so run down to Granville Island to stock up.

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One Response to Raspberry rumors

  1. jennifer says:

    oh yum! juicy raspberry bubbly goodness! I need to get some!

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