Panning for growlers


Unlike Yukon Cornelius, we weren’t looking for mines of any kind. Just utter play and relaxation amongst the terrain that inspired Robert Service and Jack London. And boy did we find it, in the glass lakes of Snafu, the late setting sun, and the coziness of cabining lakeside at Tagish. Trout was caught and consumed, canoes were paddled, and horseshoes were tossed with extra flair. The Yukon makes everything better – maybe it is the loon calls, the evening silence or the marine blue skies. When we thought mother nature couldn’t be any kinder, the brew gods pitched in and presented us with a gold mine at Yukon Brewing Company. Already smitten with the Cranberry Wheat Ale and their now discontinued herbal cream ale, Aroma Borealis, we knew we were in for a treat when we sidled up to the counter. I think the Brewing Company plays a major part in the Yukon being Canada’s capital of beer consumption. After sipping each and every nugget in their portfolio, we treated ourselves to a growler of Yukon Red straight from the conditioning tank. Nothing could have tasted more fresh and robust after 4 days of paddling and tenting. So we indulged at the cabin with a growler of Chocolate Brown Ale. And there may have been a growler nestled in our luggage, still chilled and leak free upon our return to routine. I say may have been, since it disappeared quicker than a mirage. I suppose the only way to sooth our sorrow is to crack into the reindeer smokies that also made their way home with us. We miss you, Yukon, can we come back soon? Our next trip could be a little cross-country skiing to determine if the growlers are definitely beer worth freezing for….

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One Response to Panning for growlers

  1. jennifer says:

    well, I am a wee bit biased, but oh how I love this post. Panning for Growlers! such special memories!

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