Bounty of thanks


Thanksgiving is upon us and this year we at the Den are fortunate to experience bicoastal celebrations. Last weekend I rolled up my sleeves and dove into pie-making territory. It certainly has been awhile. With so many crisp varieties of apples surfacing, it seemed silly to make anything other than apple pie. I am convinced the lemon zest sprinkled throughout the filling was the winning component to the tasty tart. That and the no-fail pie crust my mom introduced me to (water, an egg yolk and vinegar really do the trick when you are after a light, flaky crust). Over the holiday weekend we will be in and around Toronto, and I look forward to visiting the Saturday Farmers Market at St. Lawrence to find some local poultry and whatever harvest the Ontario farmers have to offer. Thank you bountiful fields, thank you hard-working agri-folk. Here is to families across the country cooking for and with one another, pausing to enjoy the merriment of seasons changing.

Apple pie

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2 Responses to Bounty of thanks

  1. Veronica says:

    Having fun catching up on your blog. The VIFF notes are especially helpful, as I was going cross-eyed between the hundreds of offerings. And I think we may have the same pastry recipe! My mother’s no-fail includes the same ingredients.

    Btw, the cinnamon rolls turned out quite well! Thanks!

  2. thedandizette says:

    Mothers are fantastic oracles, aren’t they?

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