Opening soon: Greens Market

I welcome new grocery shops in town. And local produce? For real? I will keep the Den posted on my thoughts once the opening details spill out and I study the aisles. For now stay tuned to Greens Organic & Natural Market for more details. They use the word “affordable”. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: I have now visited Greens Market twice. Affordable? Hmmm. Well maybe if you skip the produce and half the aisles of offerings. It is a small, well-stocked shop that doesn’t really ring differently than a Choices or original Capers, although I appreciated the friendly staff discussing the store’s commitment to the Zero Waste Challenge. I noticed my skin care favourite, Kosmea Rose Hip Oil (why is that so hard to carry at Whole Foods), and the Ginger People’s Original Ginger Chews (again, why is it so hard to find the original flavour versus the quirky peanut and coffee options). However, other than the odds and ends sales, I can’t see this being a regular stop. I do suggest signing up for their eFlyer, as it is the best way to keep tabs on their featured products on special.

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3 Responses to Opening soon: Greens Market

  1. Veronica says:

    Affordable? That would be refreshing! I paid $10 for a block of organic butter the other day. And…cringe.

  2. thedandizette says:

    Cringe is right! Butter is a must, but I could never muster the courage to slap down a tenner for a pound. Maybe one day all my dairy will be organic. In the meantime I will have to stick to sales at Choices!

  3. T says:


    We saw your comment regarding Greens Market. We would like to invite you to come to our store and help us review our pricing to show us areas we can improve our pricing on.


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