Search, print…cram in kitchen drawer

Thank you Moleskine, this might be the encouragement I need to go back to handwritten recipes. My tea towel drawer is full of magazine scraps and recipes printed in haste with grocery store lists scrawled on the side. Some I frequently reuse, some are on hiatus until the perfect moment or season to resurrect them. One thing is for certain, finding the one you are looking for is clutterfied. The gold medal winners I keep returning to should have their deliciousness recorded in pretty ink in an embossed journal. The rest I can stuff in the back flap, right?

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One Response to Search, print…cram in kitchen drawer

  1. Veronica says:

    I was writing down favourite recipes for a while but the organization and time required defeated me. I now print or clip and then store in those clear plastic notebook windows, divided into relevant sections in a three-ringed binder. It allows me to throw out, rearrange, add notes, etc. And it’s splatter-resistant and dishrag-friendly.

    Not NEAR as pretty as the above though!

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