I blush

Do rosy cheeks (from wine) intensify with age? A few sips in and I experience sustained facial blushing. Anyway, what I really meant to say was ahhhhhhhh SPRING! What goes well with green growth, fragrant blossoms, chirping birds and warmer temps? Outdoor living! The BBQ needs a new tank of propane, flowers must be potted, leaves swept and new outdoor furniture purchased. After the ground work is done it will be time to plan some al fresco dinners. Or just take a glass of vino onto the deck. I drink rosé wine year-round, but of course this time of year makes it more fitting. Recently at wine club, rosé came up in conversation and someone was horrified that I like it. When I pressed about their distaste it turned out their experience was with sugary White Zins. Aha!

Check out my little blush blurb about a couple of Okanagan options (See Ya Later Ranch, Therapy and Le Vieux Pin). Not a single syrupy rosé wine to be found in the OK Valley, just tart rhubarb and strawberries! Some additional blends I have tried and highly recommend:

Joie Farm’s Rosé is inspired by the Pinot Noir & Gamay based rosés found in the Loire Valley. A nose full of strawberry and cherry with excellent acidity. A case will do, thank you very much!
Owned by Poplar Grove, Monster Vineyards makes a perky patio rosé; kind of the wild child of the bunch. Effortlessly quaffable.
Sumac Ridge’s Private Reserve Rosé would go well with soft cheeses and fruit. Crisp with the berry/cherry flavours we expect from the OK Valley.
A little more exotic: Although this falls into the dessert category,  Innocent Bystander’s Moscato is the perfect happy hour apéritif. Bubbly and sweet, it preps your palette for candied nuts, dried fruit and savoury biscuits.
Last but not least, I am looking forward to trying Road 13’s Honest John’s Rosé. I am a big fan of this winery (their Chenin Blanc and Jackpot Syrah are my favourite). Has anyone tried it yet?
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2 Responses to I blush

  1. jennifer says:

    rah! rah! Rosé!!!! weeee! can’t wait to sip some pretty pink liquids with you!

  2. jennifer says:

    Why, yes, I HAVE tried Road 13. And, as a matter of fact, it is incredibly delicious!!! A bottle bursting with strawberries! (but something tells me you already knew that)

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