Edible excursion

I don’t have any visual proof of the gastronomical evening I experienced last night. Dead camera.  Tech woes aside, photos wouldn’t do justice to Edible BC’s dinner—you had to taste it. Pastry chef Wendy Boys was the guest instructor, and she effortlessly rolled out a 5 course meal that included early summer delights like spot prawns, strawberries and rhubarb. Every single spoonful had me swooning, and her blending of savoury and sweet was refreshing. White chocolate in a grainy mustard salad dressing? Burnt caramel sauce on pork belly (which had been cured for 48 hours in the likes of star anise and coriander, then braised for 6 hours)? The lines blurred throughout each course, beginning with a tipple of strawberry gazpacho and black pepper biscotti. (Side note: savoury strawberry is where it is at. Check out this article, I plan to make the bruschetta). When my spot prawn, nestled atop a bed of sweet peas, stared back at me I took a big slurp of Gray Monk’s Odyssey Brut for courage before digging in. My partner in crime and I were so overwhelmed with Wendy’s chocolate mousse concoction that we packed goodie bags with our second dessert course. No surprise that Mr. Dandi fought me for the mini salted caramel macaroon. There was so much value added to this experience, it far exceeded our expectations. To sit in a working market after hours, listening to a local expert share her thoughts while grazing on course after course of riches—what luxury. I fell asleep thinking about how I would find out Wendy’s grandmother’s rhubarb relish recipe and woke up craving the Moroccan-spiced kettle corn that Mr. Dandi hoovered. Here is a sketch of what graced our table over the course of 3 hours:

La Baguette rosemary bread, e.v.o. & vinegar
Spiced kettle corn
Strawberry gazpacho w/savoury biscotti
Cucumber Schramm vodka cocktail
Spot prawn salad
Gray Monk Odyssey Brut
Braised pork belly, rhubarb relish, celeriac-apple puree, sautéed kale
Hester Creek Reserve Cabernet Franc
Chocolate mousse, sponge toffee and caramel foam
Geringher Brothers Late Harvest Cabernet Franc
Macaroon & mignardise (including salted chocolates and passionfruit pâte)
Okanagan Spirits Blackberry liqueur

Update: The fabulous folks at Edible BC immortalized the evening for us. Here is Chef Boys blow-torching her caramel sauce on the cured and braised pork belly.

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