218 flavours & then some

It all began with a glimpse of summer and a daydream about the homemade waffle cones at Victoria’s Sweet Memories on Government Street. In search of the Vancouver equivalent, we cycled False Creek and beyond until we came upon the big pink buildings of La Casa Gelato. I can’t believe how many summers it took to finally check this place out. With a backlog of over 500 flavours, you will find 218 on any given day. Everything from the standard Italian recipes (hazelnut, amaretto) to the savoury and the exotic. Mr. Dandi made it his mission to test the patience of our scoop guy by asking for endless taste tests. He went for balsamic vinegar, garlic, and gorgonzola/pear/walnut to name a few. I was in love with the mango chili concoction – the heat was perfect! In the end, he went for cinnamon coffee and I stuck with chocolate candied ginger. Heaven, wrapped in a freshly made waffle cone. The woman in the front window making the cones toiled away like a well-oiled machine. The parameter of the counter was lined with row after row of cones, and the crowds funneled through in droves.

Open every night of the week until 11pm, I know where we will be biking when we have a hankering for something unusual. Our latest at-home creation was chai gelato, made by infusing some Silk Road chai tea leaves into the cream before straining. Paired with a waffle cone would take it to the next level, so I will need to load up my bike basket next time we are near the pink casa.

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One Response to 218 flavours & then some

  1. Veronica says:

    I love that place though I haven’t been in years. Funny how in university I’d trek into Vancouver for gems like this that I forget about now!
    Waffle cones, yum…

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