At last

Summer has graced us with her fierce heat and azure skies. Today for lunch I had a roasted hominy salad with lime and cilantro, and I thought to myself that I could eat all my meals cold this time of year. Chilled watermelon, bubbly drinks, crunchy Thai slaw. Add a hammock or a dock on a lake and it would tip this into fantastic. I walked by the UBC outdoor pool in slow-motion, daydreaming about hopping the fence and jumping in clothed. All around me is the slap of sandals, BBQ aromas, and sun burns. Feels good. In celebration, I plan to pour a Tree Brewing Cutthroat Pale Ale and eat a ploughman’s dinner. Crank Oh Little Fire, maybe go for a late evening run. Because I am euphoric.

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One Response to At last

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks, Laura – it’s wonderful to finally see some of Nick’s work. I love this one. And yes, summer is good.

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