Operating hours

Not going to lie, Vancouver can drive me a little nuts on the weekend. It’s lunch time and you spent the morning biking around town—you are looking for a cheap n’ tasty lunch. Oh sorry, what’s that? You only serve brunch until dinner? But you have a choice of 10 Bennys and Caesar’s are on special? Next! We usually avoid eating out during the day on weekends for this very reason. Very few places serve up an inspiring breakfast. Instead we opt for coffee treats or the occasional happy hour (a rarity in town). Recently we experienced a rash of locked doors sans explanations. Two attempts to sling peanut shells at Dix BBQ & Brewery resulted in dark windows. No signage. I found a goodbye note on their site, apparently the Mark James Group has pulled the plug. We also attempted to sidle up to the espresso bar at Milano two Sundays in a row. Post-run we were surprised to find that their operating hours (on the weekends) start at 10 am. Why waste that view from the patio and deny your liquid comfort to the thousands of people out and about at 9 am? The following Sunday we arrived well past 1 pm, only to find the same scenario. Nary a note in sight explaining the locked doors. Finally, the third bone to pick comes from two separate excursions to grab a pint and slice at Goldies Pizza & Beer Lounge. I was curious about whether their offerings were worth the hype, and it is a rare occasion that I agree with Mr. Dandi’s request to have a “triangle meal”. Closed. Both visits on Saturdays during the lunch rush. No operating hours on the door to consult. What gives, Vancouver?

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