Southern comfort

32° weather didn’t stop me from a Southern Sunday. There was bourbon in the cupboard, pecans in the freezer and family coming by for a BBQ. This is the second time I have tried Canadian Living’s Spiced Pecan Bourbon Tart. It is the perfect combination of rich, simple and fool-proof. The key is cinnamon and the whisper of Maker’s Mark. I like my pie naked, no à la mode or sweetened cream for me. This tart holds her own.

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2 Responses to Southern comfort

  1. Mom says:

    Pecan pie is one of my three favourite pies and I look forward to having some with you: maybe Thanksgiving? Blueberry and apple are the other two on my list. Wait! Can one have three favourites?

  2. thedandizette says:

    I sure think so! Those would be my three favourite as well, hands down. This pecan tart will definitely be on the menu for Turkey Day. xo

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